Natural Taste

leaders in innovation of natural ingredients from crunchy and organic dried fruit and vegetable

Natural Crunch is specialized in the development, manufacture and sale of value-added ingredients for the food industry based on crunchy and organic dehydrated fruit and vegetable thanks to a unique dehydration and texturization process.

We stand out due to:

  • Food Tech Manufacturing
  • More than 10 years’ experience  in the market
  • Solid in house know-how
  • Food Safety (IFS-Certified)
  • Customisation and adaptability
  • Social and environmental responsibility

Our products

We have managed to develop a huge range of flavours in order to offer to the agro industry more options for healthy ingredients.

100% vegetarian products that stand due to the purity of their ingredients.

Organically grown and prepared from selected seasonal raw materials.

More than 80% of our raw materials come from local crops in Spain.

Non-fried products with no added sugar, additives, preservatives or flavour enhancers.

Thanks to our unique dehydration process, we are able to offer a surprising product that boasts:

  • A naturally expanded and crunchy texture.
  • An intense, original flavour.
  • A high nutritional property content.




Sweet Potato

Purple Carrot















Apple & Cinnamon

Tomato & Basil-AOVE

Sweet Potato & Curry

Broccoli & Cayenne

Zucchini & Black Pepper

Mango Crunch & Chocolate

Strawberry Crunch & Chocolate

Orange Crunch & Chocolate

We carry out customised developments for our clients.

  • We create new flavours according to the seasonal calendar for each product.
  • A combination of natural flavours and aromas.
  • Analysis of technical and economic feasibility.
  • Prototypes and samples.
  • Adapted granulometry: flakes, cubes, strips, powder, etc…

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Please access the full product catalogue for additional information

Applications of our products

  • Crunchy mueslis and granolas
  • Sweet and savoury porridges
  • Mixes containing roasted nuts
  • Potato chip and crispy vegetable mix
  • Flavoured popcorn
  • Burgers
  • Bakery and confectionery
  • Chocolate products
  • Healthy snacks
  • Flavouring for teas
  • Natural and energy bars
  • Mixes with yoghurt
  • V range salad toppings
  • Rice, pasta or couscous dishes
  • Supplements for healthy dipping
    (hummus, guacamole, salmorejo)


Thanks to our technology, we are able to carry out efficient decontamination treatments and achieve a drastic reductions of microbiology for dried fruit and vegetables, mushrooms, truffles and algae. This allows for:

Improved food safety in line with international pathogen standards

Better product preservation

Avoiding flavour alterations in the product

Maintaining flavour, colouring and nutrients

Download our decontamination service catalogue

Please access the full product catalogue for additional information