About us

Our Roots

Our roots came from 2006, when Mr. Antonio Ramirez Fajardo, PhD in Bioprocess Engineering, made the decision to leave his Department at University of Almería in order to dedicate himself to agri-food innovation, through the sustainable development of new processes and healthy foods, based on technologies related to natural antioxidant contained in fresh products.

It was during those previous years of entrepreneurship when we were able to develop and apply an exclusive dehydration – Texturing technique, to obtain a unique product with a surprising flavour and a crunchy texture that, could be, itself, a natural source of health for the consumer

And it was how, in 2011 Natural Crunch was born inheriting this philosophy of continuous healthy innovation as an indispensable tool for the improvement of products and processes to reach an extreme differentiation, creating absolutely new products perfectly aligned with the food trends: Health, tasty and convenience, avoiding the use of artificial colours, unkown ingredients, incomprehensible “E” numbers, additives and preservatives.

Our proposal to facilitate the daily consumption of fruit and vegetables for a healthier, more balanced, and sustainable diet is based on:

  • The commitment to respect the seasons, without haste, to ensure a quality product and protecting the original flavors, without alterations.
  • The will to value the production areas, supporting the local agricultural growers through the purchase, sometimes, of “ugly” products that do not meet some of the aesthetic canons that are imposed in the usual sale channels or absorbing production excesses. The flavor is inside.
  • The  decision to work with raw material exclusively from certified organic crops, without fertilizers and without chemical components, helping to avoid environmental pollution


Natural Crunch’s facilities in Benahadux (Almeria) received important investments to secure all the necessary equipment and enough production capacity to guarantee the QUALITY and TRACEABILITY of our products.

Thanks to increasingly automated processes and more exhaustive quality controls, we currently have a production capacity of up to 600 kg of dehydrated-texturised fruit and vegetables per day, equivalent to the contents of 24,000 packets.